Violet Library
This application allows you to make a list of your videos, specifying their titles, genres, actors and location on your shelves.
You can sort or search the list by video's title, genre, actor, any other field and see on which shelf to look for it.
It is useful for a family library or an office inventory.
It can be easily adjusted to store musical disks or books list.
It is customizable: you can change names of disks/books properties, or remove some of them from the list.
It works in the Internet, several people can use it at the same time.
Every user has access only to his own records using login functionality.
It works on a computer, tablet, mobile or any other device connected to the Internet.
Play the demo-video to learn how to use it.  Try before buying!
Register on Violet Heath Design.   Use the same email address while buying.Your email address is your main identifier.
Application initially works in demo mode: after you close it, your data will be lost.When you open it again, it will be populated with sample data.
After purchasing the Application you will get your Application Key, which will be shown in your    User Account Profile.
You will be able to use all features of the Application.
Regularly check my website for new versions and new applications.
Contact me   about what kind of applications you would like me to make.
Bespoke modifications are available for additional price.
Happy using!